Autumn is Falling

The sky sprinkled autumn today. The first rains of the season made everything sparkle like spring but with fall colors. Purple, orange, red and gold.
Painting in my autumn journal
The heavenly; that mixture of damp dirt, fresh air and over-ripe berries.
Our red maple steals the scene outside. Most leaves are just starting to turn, but Mr. Red wanted to party early.
"Look at me...look at me!"
To the chagrin of squirrels and jays in our neighborhood, I'm collecting acorns to make an autumn wreath. I do believe there are plenty for all of us this year, but the squirrels are scolding me none-the-less.
I've been painting overtime to get last minute art out the door for various products, but my favorite painting pastime is when I get a chance to add to my autumn journal while sipping a pumpkin spice latte while the cider-scented candle flickers. Of course, my schedule has to allow for pumpkin hunting and decorating all things with colorful berry vines and petite crabapple branches.

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