New Year, Lots of Possibilities

I don't make New Year resolutions any more; I only break them and get frustrated. I do think of goals for the new year, though. Most of the time they come true with some resemblance of the original thought. This year I have a goal to get through this unusually cold and wet winter by making a table-top greenhouse out of old windows. I've wanted one for years. I already have the windows collecting cobwebs in the barn.
I plan to make it to fit into my little red wagon so I can wheel it into the sunshine on warm spring days, or back to the barn with plant lights and insulating blankets when days are cold and dreary. I started my garden seedlings a tad late last year, so this year I am happily going to start them in February and give them plenty of light and room in their new greenhouse. I hope.
For now, I'm waiting out the cold ice and snow reading all sorts of seed catalogs. Most of my seed has been saved from the heirlooms we grow, but I do love to see the pretty pictures and think of how our garden will look in a few short months. 
Yes, there are other goals, too, like more time actually spent in the garden, along with time for picnics and family visits and afternoons in our Christmas tree grove with a cold drink on warm summer days. ahhh...sounds good, doesn't it? Looks like my main goal for 2017 is to balance my work with pleasure a little more. If only my work wasn't so dog-gone enjoyable! I hope you have some goals that make 2017 a fun year to look forward to, also. Here's wishing you a...

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