Glad to meet you. Here is a little information about me. If you have any other questions or suggestions, I love to hear from you. You can reach me at nancy@nancyminkart.com.

      For twenty-five years, Nancy Mink had a successful career designing buildings and developments as a professional civil engineer. When her husband’s job required a transfer fifteen years ago, “the big move” changed not only her home, but also Nancy’s career path. An editor noticed her watercolor illustrations that she painted for a friend’s devotional book, and soon Nancy was contracted by a publishing company to provide illustrations for their widely distributed home and garden magazines. With a love for painting since early childhood, she seized the opportunity to license her artwork for greeting cards, paper goods, fabric and home décor products.

     In addition to an art career, she has inspired women torn between taking care of family, home and work as she speaks to women’s groups (especially at teas and holidays.) Nancy gives the busy women of today time-saving, creative tips for hospitality and holiday celebrations.

     Nancy’s life bears witness to C.S. Lewis’ quote, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” While architectural renderings that Nancy painted for clients still grace many office buildings on the west coast, she now paints as a licensed artist. Her most recent licenses include table linens, dishes, Christmas ornaments and home décor, calendars, greeting cards, wall art, stationary and an exclusive contract for a new line of Nancy Mink Studios quilt fabrics distributed worldwide. Nancy also speaks and writes to women of her walk with God along life’s twists and turns. From firsthand experience, she encourages women to stand strong in their faith and to make a home, where, at the end of the day all can sigh,

“ahhh, it is good to be home!”