St. Patrick's Day Embroidery (free pattern)

Hi friends. Well, Valentine's Day is only 2 weeks away. Did you embroider last month's pattern? Here is a picture of a completed towel. "Elizabeth" was embroidered on a purchased kitchen towel with a blanket stitch around the edges of the towel in 6-strand black embroidery floss. Prim cute!

Now it's time to start the St. Patrick's Day pattern.

Whether embroidered all in green or the colors shown, this will look cheery for the entire month of March. Is someone you know a little under the weather or have the winter blues? Line a basket with this embroidered towel, place a few teas in the basket and wrap it up with a pretty green bow for a real mood booster.

To print pattern: click on the following picture. A large picture will come up on your screen. Right click on it and then click on "print picture." The pattern will be printed to scale.

Click here for materials, directions and how-to embroider videos from the past blog, "A Year of Tea Towels."

Have a beautiful week and fun crafting!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for thinkin' of us Irish folk!! We appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Hi again sweetie, mom & I are looking at your website :O )

teri said...

This is just the cutest ever. I use Transfer-Eze and it makes copying the pattern so easy. I am looking forward to following you and Mary Jane through the year. Thank you.

Lady P said...

Dear Nancy - as of late I have become addicted to the art and lure of the embroidered sack flour cloth. It began as a task of simply mending the beauties left to us by both grandmothers and now is a full out, season by season, crafting of new treasures. Thanks for the lovely patterns. I begin the St Patrick's Day design today ! :)