Walk Into Spring

Begin each day as if it were on purpose.

It's here; SPRING! Much of us have had quite a wet, snowy, cold, dreary winter. But today the sun is shining and the property is showing colorful signs of life. Here are some pictures I took this morning on my morning walk with Callie.

A cool drink and we're on our way
Purple Plum Tree

Ready for the birds
Pansies spill over planters
Almond tree in the orchard
The koi have started to come out of hibernation
Bring a bit of spring indoors


Happy St. Patrick's Day

It's hard to find many decorations for St.Patrick's Day.

Maybe that's for the best, as it's nice to have a day that is mostly fun and not filled with too much commercialism.
Wear green, cook up a pot of corned beef and cabbage and enjoy!

by popular demand, here is the link to the free St. Patrick's Day embroidery pattern from last year...
Our almond tree is the first to blossom in the orchard
For me, this week marks the passing of winter.

The clocks are changed to allow an evening walk after dinner. Better yet, the official first day of spring is only 4 days away!

"Spring Cleaning"

St. Patrick's Day stands for the possibilities of what can come with brighter, warmer days ahead.

So, even if it may be raining, may your corned beef be tender and your day be bright.